Rebirth Your Womb
1:1 6-Week Womb Healing & Mentorship Journey
Welcome love, so happy to have you here....

This is a journey of all of the things I would want every woman to know to have a deeper connection with their body and sensuality. And as a byproduct sometimes women will experience pain free periods, see balancing of hormones, healing of chronic UTI's/yeast infections, beautiful shifts in relationships, etc... 

This offering is a huge part of my heart and soul, an integration of my own journey of unwinding layers of deep womb trauma and awakening levels of pleasure I didn't know possible. A journey of experiences that took me places I didn't know possible and a connection to my womb and pleasure that created an even deeper connection to Spirit/God, that allows for such wild transformations of the heart and soul in the realms of sexuality. 

It made me who I am today and is a continued devotion to my own heart and Spirit that simultaneously allows me to be available to love, truth, integrity, and devotion. That cuts through distortion to come home to deeper clarity. It is my deepest joy to share this with you, and an honor to weave with you, to share with you teachings that have been passed on to me blended with my own channel and learnings from personal experience.

This used to be a group program, and then self-paced course, and now is a 1:1 initiative journey for personalized support. These techniques and tools are best learned and used with guidance. Our 1:1 sessions can go deeper into cultivating nervous system capacity, relationship coaching, subconscious rewiring, somatic healing, mentorship on womb healing and temple arts, and hormonal health.

The Curriculum:

You will have access right away to all of the modules!

Week 1: Open the heart, open her

The energetics of the union between the heart and womb, the ways disconnection shows up (codependency & manipulation), softening the heart from past experiences or programming, getting back to trust 

Learn breast massage techniques, womb-heart integration breath

Week 2: Cultivating an intimate connection with your womb

 unwinding and integrating threads of mistrust and shame, developing intimacy with her rhythms, your womb as your guiding compass, re-sensitizing , yoni egg practice

Learn womb massage techniques, practice yoni egg practices for pelvic floor health, and yoni steaming

Week 3: Trauma Release & The Cervix Portal

Vaginal and cervical dearmouring, cultivating a practice to open yourself whether you are in or out of partnership/lovership, unwinding pain and numbness to create space for pleasure, alchemical release of stored emotions/memories

Working with a yoni wand for trauma release

Week 4: Psychedelic Sexual Experiences

accessing altered states of consciousness, communion with God/Spirit, deep emotional alchemy, healing lineage patterns

Week 5: Guided Ceremony & Practice 

Guided recorded ceremony integrating these practices in real time, so you can take them deeper into an embodied practice you can continue in your life

Week 6: Sensuality as a devotional path of wholeness

You are a living transmission of radiance, beauty, and love. Here you come back to that knowing and embody it with integrity and grace to bring deeper service to this world

What's included?

You will receive mini rituals invitations to integrate daily, practices and teachings each week, and lifetime access to all modules.

Instant access to course portal

6 Weekly 1:1 Sessions 

Access to Kendall via voice note, text, and email for integration and coaching support during the 6-week immersion

6 ~90-min Video Trainings

Weekly Practices and ritual recommendations

Never lose access! And get access to any future updates/additions to the course 

  • What will I need for this journey?
    Some of the practices include a crystal yoni egg and wand, which I highly recommend working with. If you need a good source, you can check my site as I have links on there/partner with Yoni Crystals. Or DM me at kendall.nichole.fehu for photos on wands I currently have in stock.
  • Is this self-paced?
    No, I will be guiding you through this journey!
  • Can I get support for longer than these 6 weeks?
    Yes! If you'd like to take this slower, and deeper, we can work together 1:1 over 3-months or 6-months (which allows us to go wider and deeper). You can apply here:

Who am I?

You know how many women have experienced a womb trauma from sexual experiences, pregnancy loss, or during birth, but often just deal with it silently while feeling disconnected from their body, their pleasure, and their partner? Or maybe they even just feel "shut off" and can't seem to open into intimacy?

Well after nearly dying myself and losing a pregnancy, my body was in a deep place of trauma. I was able to implement the methods I now use with my clients to open my heart and womb to deeper intimacy than ever, while having more profound and transformational orgasmic experiences than ever. Ones that truly have left me feeling like a changed woman and like I was able to heal years of emotions stored in there!

Now, as a temple arts practitioner and birth doula, I guide women whose past womb traumas impact their romantic relationships and relationship with self to rebirth themselves, so they can experience pleasure and intimacy that leaves them feeling deeply connected  - to life, love and spirit.

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"Kendall really is magic. I have now taken two courses with Kendall and they both have led to some pretty profound and positive shifts in my life. Coming out of Rebirth Your Womb, my womb feels much more awakened and I am more tuned into her wisdom. In fact, since the course, I have been experiencing pulses of pleasure in my yoni that seem to signal "yes! That's the way!". It's like I ignited my internal guiding beacon! Dancing between science and magic, this course helped me tune into my body, identify and move negative or stagnant energy, and develop a devotional practice to the divine feminine within me. Kendall's gentle, but effective guidance so sweetly encouraged me to go deeper. To really listen. To really feel. To give myself love. To first open and nourish the heart. To intertwine the heart and womb energies to feel into the fullest, most profound love, connection, and sexual experience. To feel into the cervix and open to the beauty and power of the cervical orgasm (which I have seemed to unlocked during this course! Thanks Kendall!). And while the pleasurable effects are wonderful, the impacts go much farther. They ripple out from the core to attune our bodies, souls, and our lives to love and divinity. It's beautiful, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore this realm with Kendall and the sweet and supportive community she fostered during this course."

Recent client (anonymous)
Rebirth Your Womb

"to call this journey an online course would be nowhere near adequate. Rebirth Your Womb has been the greatest gift this season of slowing down, discovering new spaces inside myself where deep intimacy and healing was ready to come forth. This journey was such a perfect balance of ancient wisdom and science combined with sacred feminine practices that unlocked so much sensual magic and awareness of my womb & heart. These practices will be something I continue to return to over and over - highly encourage any womban who is looking for a deeper connection with her body and energy to say yes to this beautiful space. Kendall is an incredibly intuitive guide and made it such a perfect mix of light, fun, reverent, healing and clarifying all at once."

Recent client (anonymous)
Rebirth Your Womb

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